Date Changed Change Summary WebMeister Name
10/17/2016 Pictures uploaded and four movie clips.
John Hawklyn
  • April and May Minutes Posted to Parents area (Login Required)
  • Memorial day Flags Pictures Posted - slideshow
  • Latest Troop Phone List and Scout Account information posted in the Parents area (Login Required)
John Hawklyn
04/17/2016 Missing Forms replaced on Forms page
  • - restored from backup
  • - restored from backup
  • Council 'Forms' page updated from Monterey to Silicon Valley Monterey forms search
John Hawklyn
04/10/2016 Major overhaul of stale site. Partial list of changes:
  • Updated Troop Site Map.
  • Updated 'Scout Links'
  • Updated Home page Yellowstone Group Photo
  • Added link to YouTube clip from the 2015 Aptos Parade
  • Removed stale non functioning cgi search
  • ADDED Google Custom Search to Troop home page
  • Revised member login page
  • Corrected various typos. Probably added a few too.
  • Added March Parent meeting Minutes
  • Added April Parent meeting Minutes
John Hawklyn
05/09/2015 updated Scout Account information John Hawklyn
07/06/2014 Updated Minutes and Scout Account information John Hawklyn
6/30/2014 Added San Francisco Pampanito trip pictures to the Photo Gallery John Hawklyn
02/09/2014 John Hawklyn
02/07/2014 Added Sky High Trampoline outing pictures John Hawklyn
02/03/2014 John Hawklyn
02/01/2014 Updated 'Links' Page with Silicon Valley Monterey Council Page John Hawklyn
  • Posted Jan 2014 Parent Meeting Minutes
  • Posted Updated Advancement Report
  • Posted December and November 2013 Parent Meeting Minutes
John Hawklyn

Photo Updates - Summer Camp Pictures

Summer Camp Chawanakee
Photos courtesy of: Jean Williams
Replaced Site Cover picture from 2010 Court of Honor With Group Photo at Camp Chawanakee, with downloadable LARGE format original for optional printing, and a Pan/Zoom Page
John Hawklyn

Parent Area Content:

PhotoGallery Picture Updates:

  1. Sentinel News
  2. Aptos Parade Pictures
  3. Eagle Imagery - used at Garret's Eagle Court
  4. Garret Peterson Eagle Court
  5. Water Wars
  6. Memorial Day Flags
  7. Pancake Breakfast / Silent Auction
  8. Silent Auction Prep
  9. 2011 Yukon Pictures

Photos courtesy of:

1. Sentinel (James Tensuan)
2. Sentinel and John Hawklyn - More pictures would be welcome!
3. Scott Calwell and Ric Vilbig - Scott had the images, Ric got them into digital Format
4,6,7  John Hawklyn
5,8  Jean Williams
9. Peggy Pollard and Andy Davidson
PhotoGallery Picture count: 6134
John Hawklyn
01/08/2012 Added Photos to the Photo Gallery. Current Gallery Picture count: 5506 John Hawklyn
12/19/2010 Numerous Photo Gallery additions, bringing the Total Picture count to 4862 John Hawklyn
09/26/2009 Updated PhotoGallery Database, refreshing links from the original Gallery. Total Pics Online: 3956 John Hawklyn
05/11/2009 - Uploaded Tenderfoot Campout Pics
- Uploaded Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction Pics
- Uploaded Updated Troop Roster
- Uploaded Revised Quick Start Guide
- Revised Main page, removed 3 year old Troop Photo
John Hawklyn
11/17/2008 - Uploaded Webelos Campout Pictures
- Uploaded Planning/Shooting Camp pictures
- Uploaded Pictures from Pico Work Party
John Hawklyn
11/05/2008 - Uploaded Monterey Trip Pictures
- Uploaded updated Troop Roster and Scout Accounts...
John Hawklyn
09/11/2008 - Updated Calendar with date information from Parent meeting
- Uploaded Wolfeboro Camp pictures
John Hawklyn
06/16/2008 Uploaded  photo's from the Eagle Scout Court  of Honor recognizing: Alexander Van Wandelen, Christopher Mork, Daniel Brown.

- Experimented with a flash slideshow of the Eagle Court.
- Uploaded May Parent meeting Minutes .
John Hawklyn
06/08/2008  * Uploaded new Troop Roster and Troop Account PDF's to Parent Member area
 * Numerous Photo Gallery Updates:
    - Uploaded selected Water Wars Photos from Alex Surber, Ric Villbig and John Hawklyn
    - Uploaded Rummage Sale / Car Wash pictures
    - Updated PhotoGallery entries from 1990-2002 to show correct dates and contributor.
    - Created categories to hold 2005 pictures - Porting preparation.
John Hawklyn
06/03/2008 Uploaded Jan 2004 Pictures. John Hawklyn
10/29/2008 Uploaded Monterey Bike Trips, with slideshow John Hawklyn
05/31/2008 Uploaded 2002,2003 and *SOME* 2008 Pictures. The Photo Gallery now has over 400 pics. (@10% restored) John Hawklyn
05/28/2008 - Updated Calendar with Eagle Court information & Sacramento River Trip Info.
- Changed Gallery Link to PhotoGallery - Began Importing to new PhotoGallery from the 3k Pictures from the Gallery. 33 Pics at this writing. 1% done! - 1990,2001
John Hawklyn
04/21/2008 - Fixed CGI member account request form.
- Updated activities.shtml with February info from the Troop Historian
John Hawklyn
04/19/2008 - Created 'history' folder.
- Moved 'Activities.shtml' to history
- Annotated 'Activities.shtml' with Info from the Troop Historian
- updated 'includes' to support new 'history' folder
- removed direct BSA / Council links
- created 'links.shtml' displays as 'Scout Links'
Contains links to National BSA, Monterey BSA, Insignia.
Place to hold non-troop633 Scout related information.
* Fix submission forms
John Hawklyn
04/18/2008 Fixed CGI Search Capability.
'fixed' CGI hit counters
uploaded current Troop Roster and Scout Account info.
John Hawklyn
04/14/2008 Numerous changes to fix broken links and update stale content.
Added Quick Start Guide courtesy of Ric.
Updated Activities.shtml & news.shtml
Known site issues:
  • 'Search' functionality is broken - Fix: Needs research
  • 'Gallery' is broken - fix: No pics were lost, but the database may be. will take some time..
  • 'Members' area is broken - Fix: Re-collect user login info.
John Hawklyn
08/05/2007 - Posted pictures from the May Court of Honor
- posted to the July Parent meeting minutes.
- posted more pictures from the San Francisco Trip.
- 3,485 Total Pics on at this time...
John Hawklyn
05/07/2007 - Posted Pancake Breakfast and Silent Auction pictures
-Updated Act.shtml.
- 3260 Total Pictures in the Troop Gallery at this time.
- Added Permission slip link to forms page
John Hawklyn
05/05/2007 - Uploaded SF Bike Trip Pictures
- Added Silent Auction Thanks file, with list of Donors and Sponsors.
John Hawklyn
04/02/2007 - Uploaded Bike Trip Pictures
- 3,064 images in the gallery
- added link to hi-res images in the act.shtml file
- added slideshow link
John Hawklyn
03/18/2007 - Updated Troop Roster
- Pictures from our Ski Trip Uploaded
- Uploaded Pictures from the Council Awards Dinner.
- 2,975 total Pictures in the Troop Gallery!
John Hawklyn
03/09/2007 - Uploaded Current Troop Roster members area
- Uploaded January Snow Camping Pictures.
John Hawklyn
02/11/2007 - Uploaded Current Troop Account Info to members area
- Uploaded 2007 Calendar. Please let me know of errors/corrections.
John Hawklyn
11/14/2006 - Uploaded pics from Planning Camp John Hawklyn
11/14/2006 - Uploaded San Simeon and Big Sur Lime Kiln Pics.
- More Arroyo Seco Pictures - Crayfish and swimming
- removed reminder re re-charter
- Gallery now has 2,756 pictures
John Hawklyn
10/29/2006 - Uploaded Yukon Pics.
- Gallery now has 2,645 pictures
John Hawklyn
10/12/2006 - Updated Calendar with changes presented at Tue Parent Meeting John Hawklyn
10/18/2006 - Uploaded Monte Pictures
- 2,460 Images contained in the Troop Gallery
John Hawklyn
10/09/2006 - Uploaded Target Shooting outing Pictures
- Updated Roster and Scout Account uploaded
- 2,422 Images contained in the Troop Gallery
John Hawklyn
09/24/2006 - Uploaded Mountain Man Rendezvous photo
Gallery now contains 2,390 images
John Hawklyn
09/19/2006 - Uploaded Williams family pictures of Arroyo Seco outing
- Added Mountain Man Rendezvous category to the photo Gallery
- 2,300 pictures in the photo Gallery.
John Hawklyn
09/12/2006 - Updated the Calendar with Parent Meeting changes
- Updated News with link to Sentinal coverage of Eagle court
- Updated Troop Activity timeline, added August Eagle court
John Hawklyn
08/14/2006 The troop history has been updated to reflect the updated Eagle Scout rolls. Congrats to the Tufo family! (and a couple of snapshots)

A number of new pictures have been added to the troop site, bringing the total number of pictures to 2283 in 207 categories, with 573 new pictures in 2006!

Recent additions:

Surber family contributions included pictures of:

The Pancake Breakfast

The Big Sur Window 'walk'

The Aptos Parade including float preparation and dismantling.

From Ric, some great shots of Camp Winton

From the Menges family, Court of Honor pictures, and some impressive pictures from the Aptos 4th of July Parade
John Hawklyn
08/03/2006 - Winton pictures uploaded by Williams family
- Uploaded Pico window photos
- Additional Pancake Breakfast photos
- Updated act.shtml to reflect recent outings.
John Hawklyn
07/24/2006 Uploaded Court of Honor Group Photograph, with Downloadable Hi-Res Picture John Hawklyn
07/4/2006 uploaded a small selection of Aptos Parade Photos
- Uploaded a copy of the Aptos Times parade prequel
John Hawklyn
06/21/2006 uploaded courtesy of Julie in the 'members' area:
- Updated Troop Roster from April to June
- Updated Troop Account information
- Troop Budget overview
John Hawklyn
06/20/2006 - uploaded *some* American River South Fork photos
- 2083 Pictures in troop Gallery
- Thanks Rick for the on the river shots!
John Hawklyn
06/15/2006 - Uploaded June Minutes John Hawklyn
05/31/2006 - Uploaded Court of Honor Pictures
- Uploaded Stahl Family San Antonio Pictures & Grover Springs Pictures
- Gallery now contains 2037 Pictures
John Hawklyn
05/29/2006 - Uploaded Memorial Day VFW Flags pictures
- Gallery now contains 1988 Pictures
- Updated news with reminder of coming court of honor
John Hawklyn
04/12/2006 - Uploaded Hidden Camp pictures
- Purged HiRes pics from September and October
John Hawklyn
2/23/2006 -Uploaded Snow Camp Pictures from Rick V
 Gallery now has: 1786 images
- Updated calendar with changes from last troop meeting: Rummage Sale, American River Trip, March Yukon Meeting
John Hawklyn
02/03/2006 - Fixed incorrectly sorted dates in calendar. John Hawklyn
  • Completed Uploading Alex photos.
       Try an 'advanced' search in the gallery looking for 'mbscouters'
       1,709 images in the gallery section now. Using 403.28Meg.
  • Trimmed August Perseid Hi-Res Pictures.
  • September 05 hires will be next...
  • John Hawklyn
    01/17/2006 Uploaded January 2006 Parent Meeting Minutes. John Hawklyn
    01/12/2006 Uploaded pictures from Alex:
    - Grover Springs Pictures
    - 2004 Court of honor
    John Hawklyn
    01/11/2006 Uploaded 2006 Calendar John Hawklyn
    01/09/2006 Updated Roster and Scout Account information Uploaded John Hawklyn
    12/13/2005 Added Troop Scout Roster to Parent protected area John Hawklyn
    12/12/2005 - Update History with links to Church
    - updated Scout Account link on Parents page
    - Removed Guestbook due to external abuse
    John Hawklyn
    12/9/2005 Recent pictures cover Veterans Day, the Carwash, and planning camp.

    Also added:
    - November minutes
    - Updated the Calendar with Dec 27th Fresh Choice Fund raiser
    - Added a PDF containing Scout account standings
    - Gallery now contains: 1445 pictures in 145 categories
    John Hawklyn
    11/4/2005 - Uploaded Webelos Campout pictures pictures
    - Uploaded Court of Honor pictures pictures
    - Trimmed May 2005 HiRes pictures. Retained 640x480 Res pictures
    - Updated Act.shtml with Timeline information
    - Updated Activities with summary information.
    - Updated News.shtml with information re the upcoming Planning Camp.
    - Gallery now contains: 1317 pictures in 137 categories
    John Hawklyn
    10/19/2005 - Updated 2005 Calendar with 6:00-8pm TIME for Scout Night
    - Added HiRes Pictures to August Fremont Pictures courtesy of Debra
    - Fremont Pictures in the Gallery, courtesy of Debra
    John Hawklyn
    10/18/2005 - Updated 2005 Calendar with 6:30pm TIME for Scout Night
    - Added Parent Minutes for October
    John Hawklyn
    10/12/2005 - Updated 2005 Calendar with changes from Parent meeting
    - Uploaded June Russian River trip pictures provided by Lani.
    - Update Gallery - removed 'copyright' restriction on right-clicking and saving images.
    - Removed 'Upload' requirement that user be logged in. Anonymous updloads now allowed. (Still require review before going 'live' on the site)
    - 1248 images (133 Categories) in the gallery at present.
    John Hawklyn
    10/03/2005 - Updated 2005 Calendar with Monte Information.
    - Updated 'Latest News' with Monte Festival information.
    - removed some stale information from the summer
    - 1172 images (127 Categories) in the gallery at present.
    John Hawklyn
    09/25/2005 - Uploaded selected Pico Public Backpacking pics.
    - 1098 images (126 Categories) in the gallery at present.
    - Updated ACT.SHTML to reflect recent additions.
    John Hawklyn
    09/14/2005 - Updated 'Latest News' with info re upcoming troop activities.
    - Updated calendar.shtml with info on the County Fair, and the NHS sale
    - 1044 images (121 Categories) in the gallery at present.
    John Hawklyn
    08/15/2005 - Added some hi-res Pics from Fremont Peak Perseid Campout
    - Updated Activities.shtml with info on Perseids and Garlic
    - 1044 images (121 Categories) in the gallery at present.
    John Hawklyn
    07/30/2005 - Added some hi-res Pics from Pico Blanco Summer Camp
    - Added Pico Pics to thePhoto Gallery with Indian Dance and Belly Flop movie video clips
    - 1004 images in the gallery at present.
    John Hawklyn
    07/08/2005 - Added 4th Pics from Chris and JulieIndependence Day Parade
    - Updated activities.shtml with info re Pico Blanco
    - Added Big Sur Pico Blano Window 'Walk' pics
    - 977 pics in the Gallery
    John Hawklyn
    07/07/2005 - Added 4th Pics from Andy and Valerie Aptos 4th of July Parade Pics
    - Updated activities.shtml with info re 4th and Sentinel coverage
    - updated 'favicon.ico' to BSA style icon
    - contacted onsmart re status of anonymous ftp problems.
    - 957 pics in the Gallery
    John Hawklyn
    07/05/2005 - Uploaded *some* Aptos 4th of July Parade Pics
    - Also, as the gallery supports movie clips, I uploaded some 2003, and 2004 movie clips from the 4th - the ferris wheel, and the flags. Use 'Search' in the gallery for 'movie' or 'video' to find video clips.
    - Uploaded Meeting Minutes in the parent area. If you're one of the few with a login, click the 'sign-in' link, otherwise, complete the form, and we'll get an account created.
    John Hawklyn
    06/29/2005 - Uploaded River Pics from John Williams
    - Uploaded *nice* Loch Lomond pictures from Debra Menges
    - Trivia: 933 images in photo gallery at this time (*all* troop633 pics have been moved into the gallery except hi-res pics)
    John Hawklyn
    06/27/2005 - Uploaded *SOME* Russian River Campout Photos
    - Updated 'activities.shtml' with coverage of the campout
    - created 'NeedPics.html' intended to lobby troop members to submit photos
    John Hawklyn
    06/22/2005 - Moved 2004 Pics from Geocities into Gallery
    - Updated act.html to act.shtml to use counter in footer
    - Added 03/02 Webelos Campout Pics to Gallery and act.shtml
    John Hawklyn
    06/17/2005 - Moved 2003 Pics from Geocities into Gallery
    John Hawklyn
    06/16/2005 - Created email account, configured to route a copy of 'webadmin' mail to John Hawklyn and Ted Altenberg.
    - finished moving all 2002 pics into the Gallery (346 Images in the gallery at this writing 71 Accesses)
    - Uploaded some movie mpg clips to the gallery. Find by using search on 'video'
    John Hawklyn
    06/13/2005 - Fixed various “bugs and glitches” with new website... Ted Altenberg &
    John Hawklyn
    06/11/2005 - Updated website with new page layout, site nav and section nav bars, new pages...
    - Search tool, site map, many other new features added...
    Ted Altenberg
    06/07/2005 - Updated act.html with link to gallery
    - configured gallery with link to act.html
    - reconfigured act.html, added annual thumbnail.
    John Hawklyn
    06/04/2005 -Uploaded Pleasure Point Vintage Faire Pictures
    - Also synced them with the Gallery
    John Hawklyn
    05/30/2005 - Uploaded Memorial Day Pictures
    - Moved 2003 pics from Geocities to
    - Exploring Gallery option which will allow folks to upload pics direct to Troop site
    URL to test:
    John Hawklyn
    05/24/2005 - Uploaded Court of Honor Pictures
    - Uploaded Pancake and Silent Auction info
    - Updated Calendar with Revisions presented at the Court of Honor
    - Added Links (to the Calendar) with Map and Directions for the June Loch Lomond meeting.
    John Hawklyn
    05/23/2005 Rebuilt entire website as DM 164 Final Project!
    Added new pages, style switcher, search tool, CGI-driven feedback form, link to password protected members-only section, and so much more
    Use of server-side includes to expedite more efficient website management... Wow, Ted rocks!!! ;-)
    Ted Altenberg
    05/12/2005 Added Weekend Gear list to PDF forms
    Added Scout Rank requirements information for newly bridged Webelos
    John Hawklyn
    04/28/2005 Uploaded Lake San Antonio Pics 100 MEG - Contact sheet/Thumbs with Hi-Res links
    Moved all 2002 pics to from Geocities/troop633 (except March 2002 pics from
    John Hawklyn
    03/20/2005 Uploaded District Award Ceremony images John Hawklyn
    03/09/2005 Added link,
    changed 'alt' (descriptive float over messages) on some links
    updated WEB calendar with some changes from the last parent mtg.
    John Hawklyn
    02/22/2005 Uploaded 2005 Calendar John Hawklyn
    01/12/2005 - Uploaded Pincrest Snow Camp Pics to new site
    - updated act.html to reflect new location.
    - on old site updated links to act.html to point to new site.
    - Moved Hawaii Pics to new site
    - Moved 2001 pics to new site.
    John Hawklyn
    11/21/2004 - Uploaded Planning Camp Pics
    - Corrected bad link on Court of honor pics
    John Hawklyn
    11/15/2004 Uploaded November Parent Committee meeting minutes John Hawklyn
    10/31/2004 Uploaded:
    -Mountain Man Renezvouz Pics from September,
    -Webelos Campout Photos
    -Court of Honor pictures from October 2004
    John Hawklyn
    09/21/2004 Uploaded and linked selected Hawaii Pics
    Added September Parents Meeting Minutes.
    John Hawklyn
    07/04/2004 Aptos 4th of July Parade John Hawklyn
    05/31/2004 Memorial Day Flags, Pancake Breakfast
    - Added Style sheet 'rollover' functionality for links
    - for vanity, changed font to more 'modern' Ariel. (on main page)
    John Hawklyn
    04/25/2004 Added San Francisco Outing Pictures- Exploratorium, China Camp, Alcatraz John Hawklyn
    01/30/2004 Added Pinecrest Snow Camp Pictures John Hawklyn
    01/21/2004 Added 01/13 Parent Meeting Minutes John Hawklyn
    01/14/2004 Added Troop 2004 Calendar. John Hawklyn
    12/12/2003 - Removed 'Flash' re Fresh Choice Mon 12/8
    - Added Troop December meeting minutes
    John Hawklyn
    11/18/2003 - Added 'Flash' re Fresh Choice Mon 12/8
    - Updated Calendar to include Fresh Choice and Hawaii mtg
    ?? Hasn't the December Skate Day been scheduled? The 13th?
    John Hawklyn
    11/17/2003 Posted Parent Meeting Minutes
    John Hawklyn
    11/10/2003 Pancake Breakfast pics posted
    John Hawklyn
    10/14/2003 - Uploaded Mountain Man Rendezvous Pics
    - Added Placeholder for Gun Club shoot pictures.
    John Hawklyn
    09/16/2003 - Uploaded 9/8/03 Meeting Minutes
    - Updated Calendar for Date Change from 10/7 to Sat 10/11 for family target shooting outing.
    John Hawklyn
    08/25/2003 1. Created 'troop633a' locale-to circumvent space limits
    2. uploaded July Aptos Parade pics
    3. uploaded August VFW CarWash Pics
    John Hawklyn
    06/19/2003 - Updated Minutes Page (added Background)
    - Re-linked AtomZ Search, which had ceased working.
    - Minor formatting changes [Trimmed whitespace]to Links.htm (Left Column frame)
    96% of 25Meg capacity being used.... Need to Trim/compress photos, and consider getting a 'real' site?
    John Hawklyn
    06/10/2003 - Uploaded 34414.PDF - Medical Form, and linked Council PDF Page.
    - Uploaded link to Yahoo Groups Troop633
    - Refreshed some pics -shrunk file size without (hopefully) losing too much resolution to free up space.
    - Uploaded some selected hi-res pics to
    John Hawklyn
    06/04/2003 - Uploaded Big Sur Window backpacking trip JFH
    05/21/2003 - Uploaded May Parents meeting minutes, Updated Calendar.
    Need recent activity Pics!
    Site using 86% of available space...
    John Hawklyn
    04/6/2003 - Posted Pancake Breakfast Pics, trimmed GunClub Skeet Movie to save space. John Hawklyn
    04/1/2003 - Posted Weblos Campout Pics John Hawklyn
    03/1/2003 - Posted Dodge Ridge Pics John Hawklyn
    01/28/2003 - Posted 2003 Calendar John Hawklyn
    11/21/2002 - Updated Calendar - Skate night Thu 12/19, changed to Fri 12/13 John Hawklyn
    11/18/2002 - Uploaded selected Planning Camp Pics
    - Fixed broken link on Webelos campout activity page
    - Added link to Wesly Pigeon Point photos. NICE group Photo!
    John Hawklyn
    11/3/2002 - Uploaded Pancake Breakfast Pics John Hawklyn
    10/15/2002 - Uploaded Yukon Pics
    - Removed references to now obsolete 'Bat' Patrol.
    - As a test, added site search capability
    - Added Links to Monterey Council and US BSA Sites
    John Hawklyn
    10/11/2002 Uploaded PDF's.
      - Updated Permission Slip PDF to include Troop URL
      - Uploaded PDF's: Summer Camp gear, WinterCamp Gear,Troop Policy
     Cleanup - Removed May 2002 Pico 640 Res Photos to free up space. (retained 320 Res pics)
     Updated 'Recent Activities page' with place holders for Parade, Gun club outing info.
    John Hawklyn
    10/08/2002  Updated Calendar, uploaded Permission slip PDF John Hawklyn
    05/28/2002  Uploaded Low 320 and Higher res 640 Pictures from Memorial Day Weekend Backpacking trip to the window. John Hawklyn
    05/21/2002 Added Troop 633 History draft
    Added 'Activity' - Recent events page to Links.html
    John Hawklyn
    05/19/2002 -Uploaded sample Images from past activities:
        0205 - Scout O'Rama, Water Wars
        0201 - Snow Camp
        0107 - Aptos Parade, Camp Kern
    John Hawklyn
    05/15/2002 -Replaced stale Calendar with current 2002 calendar
    -Added DRAFT Welcome letter
    John Hawklyn
    05/08/2002 -Updated index.html with meta-tags - Intended to make site easier to find by search engines John Hawklyn
    05/01/2002 -Added Web_Log.html
    -reformated table on home.html
    -created 'img' and 'pdf' subdirs. Moved img's to img dir.
    -updated 'links.html'
    -added Geocities Troop633 Calendar
    -added some TBA info.
    John Hawklyn
    04/30/2002 Added Minipack PDF, and Added 'table' to home.html John Hawklyn